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Protect your people

31 million workdays are lost due to sickness in the UK

In just a few hours, viruses can spread to up to 60% of a building’s occupants via a single door handle

1 in 5 office mugs carry faecal bacteria

Desks can have up to 400X more bacteria present than a toilet seat


If you need to provide a clean, safe environment for your staff, customers and visitors, we deliver electrostatic deep clean solutions to a range of high-traffic, high-touch businesses such as offices, vehicle fleets, schools, care homes, leisure and the hospitality industry.

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Here to help you get back on track

Electrostatic cleaning leaves your surfaces and floors 99.9% bacteria and virus-free, including coronavirus.

Our fully insured, qualified spray team come to you and carry out a 360° surface electrostatic deep clean, treat and protect service. The non-corrosive, non-toxic disinfectant chemicals are sprayed on all surfaces and floors, including soft furnishings.  We leave you with deep clean certification, so that you can reassure your staff and customers they are safe and protected, plus the right cleaning products to maintain a bug-free environment until your next service.


The electrostatic difference

Finally, a system that cleans and protects

The electrostatic cleaning system deep cleans, treats and protects against bugs for up to 28 days, saving you time, money and effort.

With our fast, efficient service you can quickly get back to business, with the confidence to reassure your staff and customers your environment is clean, safe and protected.

We’re a passionate team of specialists with extensive experience in the electrostatic cleaning industry. We work with you on an individual basis, to find the right solution for your needs.

Non-toxic and highly effective

Electrostatic cleaning uses hospital-grade disinfectant and is a fast, efficient way to deep clean high-traffic, high-touch environments.

Step 1

Surfaces are ultra-deep cleaned. As the disinfectant solution is applied, a static layer is created on the surface being treated.

Step 2

Applied weekly, control spray leaves hard and soft surfaces protected from bugs for up to 28 days, so you know it’s all taken care of.

Step 3

We leave you with the right products to carry out your daily cleaning, ensuring you can maintain a safe, bug-free environment.

Electrostatic Cleaning Steps

Find out how you can protect your people and get your business back on track.

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Happiness behind the masks

As soon as we saw the electrostatic technology in action we were blown away. The result is peace of mind knowing all areas we spray are effectively disinfected.
Decontamination Lead
University hospitals of derby and burton nhs foundation trust
iPurus recently visited our office to carry out a thorough Electrostatic Deep Clean, I was very impressed. The operator went the extra mile, explaining what she was doing, how it’s carried out and the protection process. It was a great message for our staff, customers and clients.
Maria Meades